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Craft Research Document

Craft Cluster document which includes research based on online sessions and one day visit to the town of Chintamani
Project Objective:  

1. To analyze and examine the processes involved in the growth of silk industry in Chintamani cluster.
2. To understand the basic weaving process of Chintamani silk sarees.

3. To understand the different kind of production activities taking place at Chintamani along with their scope and limitations.
4. To evaluate the government intervention through policies, schemes, institutions and to study the socio-economic conditions of the weavers.

5. To identify the problems leading to decline of the craft and how improvements can be made.

6. Outlining the present business environment of the cluster.

Research & Compilation by: Khyati Hans, Prachi Sunil Desai, Jay Prakash, Jennifer Mate, Nomitha RK, Sreya Sasheendran

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